Auction Venue
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Holding Facilities:

The rhino, buffalo and hippo bomas are constructed from railway tracks (48kg/m steel tracks). Twelve pens can house up to forty (40) rhino, depending on the age and sexes. Pens sizes are 10*20m with steel sliding doors.


Giraffe and antelope bomas have the capacity to house up to a thousnad (1000) antelope and fifty (50) giraffe. All these bomas are 60% under roof.


Auction Capacity: 

The antelope pens are 5200m2 and consists of 104 pens with a capacity of 1181 animals. The rhino, buffalo and hippo bomas are 4000m2 with a capacity of 20 rhino, 100 buffalo or 20 hippo.


The first auction was successfully held on behalf of Wildlife Ranching South Africa (WRSA) on the 15th of May, 2010. In 2011 Thaba Manzi Wildlife Services hosted the biggest Sable Antelope auction ever in South Africa on behalf of Benchmark Game Breeders.


South African Game Auctions

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