Capture and Relocation

Each year the enterprise captures and relocates within Southern Africa in excess of six thousand animals. The majority of these are relocated using sail bomas, although where the species or habitat type dictates we will utilize net bomas and chemical immobilization techniques. Going as far as to air-lift animals out of inaccessible terrain, this has been carried out without incident with species as large as giraffe and rhino.

Whatever operation we undertake we ensure that the levels of training, equipment, technical expertise and company infrastructure will enable us to complete the job; fulfilling the best interests of the clients and the animals. Annually we succeed in having notably lower mortalities than the national average for the industry.


We are renowned as the leading independent organization for the immobilization and relocation of black and white rhino, pioneering release straight back into the veldt rather than the traditional holding boma, which can often lead to complications. We have relocated a few hundred rhino including the export of individuals.